Wake Tech’s Public Safety Leadership Academy is offered at No Charge to to sworn personnel in NC Municipal, County, or State law enforcement agencies as identified by the Department of Justice’s Criminal Justice or Sheriffs’ Standards Divisions.

Certified Credible leadership IV (CCL IV) is your opportunity to understand and perform the complex knowledge, skills and tasks that exemplary leaders perform.

The content of CCL IV was researched and field tested for over a period of more than 30 years in university and justice and public safety environments including police, corrections, customs, immigration, homeland security and private security.  It is based on the breakthrough book titled, Every Officer is A Leader:  Coaching Leadership and Learning in Justice, Public Safety and Security Organizations (Revised 2nd Edition).  The course was filmed at LAPD and piloted in collaboration with Deputy Chief Mark Perez and his Team of Leaders at the Los Angeles Police Department.  This highly competent team was carefully selected to be able demonstrate the skills involved of Credible Leadership throughout the course.

The breakthrough of this course is that officers are now able take self-responsibility for mastering the 60 Skills that enable them to perform the 40 Tasks and Responsibilities that research has revealed are critical for leadership success in justice and public safety.  Never before has professional leadership been so well-defined and distilled so that it is easily and quickly learned.  The course is a research-based, online, performance enhancement learning process that equips leaders to express more empathic caring, be more ethically conscious, and more capable of developing themselves, other leaders, teams and organizations.

Required Textbook

Graduates of this phase become:

  • More effective self-managers.
  • CALEAMore creative and innovative problem-solvers, facilitators, and decision-makers.
  • More effective change agents for team building and organization development
  • More competent supervisors, coaches and mentors.
  • Faster at transferring learning to the job.
  • More effective at managing ambiguity without over-reacting.